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    • 97 % of those who have used Hygis app, have passed the hygiene passport exam on the first try in 2017!

    • Hygis is the most cost effective study material for hygien passport exam. The average price of books is 34€. Hygis app in English language is only 14,99€. Hygis app in Finnish language is only 8,99€.

    • Hygis the most fresh and up to date material for the hygiene passport exam that you can dowload to your phone or tablet.

    • Hygis contains all the information you need to pass hygiene passport exam. It is written by professionals on the food and hygiene field, so you can trust the information it provides.

    • Hygis app is easy and painless way to learn all the information you need to pass hygiene passport exam. You can use it from you phone or table in bus, while waiting for your friend, in a queue, anywhere...

    • Hygis contains sample questions of hygiene passport exam as well as correct answers to those questions.

    • Hygis material is updated all the time and you get latest updates for free.

    When you have completed the exam, don't remove the app from your phone. You can return to the app at your work when you need to refresh your mind when needed. For example when you move vegetable store into sushi restaurant, you can refresh your mind on rule for handling fish. 


    Sign up to an exam


    Note, more exams coming.

    Tues 7.4.20 at 15.


    Tues 21.4.20 at 15.

    Lintumetsän koulu

    Lintumetsäntie 10

    02660 Espoo

    Tues 19.5.20 at 14.

    Kilterin koulu

    Iskostie 8

    01600 Vantaa

    Tues 26.5.20 at 16.

    Peltolan koulu

    Lummetie 27

    02300 Vantaa


    1. Select time and location.


    2. Confirm your participation by paying. You cannot do the exam if you haven't signed up and paid. Exam forms are printed only for those who signed up. You need to provide address and email. Hygiene passport is sent in snail mail to that address, which cannot be changed afterwards. Note: You must show photo ID in the exam. 

    The price of the test is 34€ for those who have Hygis.en app (you will need to show it in the exam). Price is 39€ for others.

    Questions and additional info:

    More info on hygiene passport

    Employee needs hygiene passport if he or she

    • works in place where foodstuff is processed or used and

    • he or she touches food that can spoil easily

    This includes for example cafes, restaurants, fast food restaurants, grocery stores selling unpacked foodstuff, bakeries, and factories producing food.

    Food that can easily spoil include for example milk, meat, and fish. You can find more info on what Evira considers easily spoilable foodstuff form this link


    Frequently asked questions:

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